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04 September 2019

Spring brings about new beginnings; new leaves begin to appear on trees, tired old routines are replaced with happy outdoor activities, motivation is in the air to exercise and stay /get fit. The reason being a combination of the warmer weather which is conducive for exercises and the fact that people tend to put on weight in the cold weather. If you want to tone up or get back in shape or get fit, Spring is the right time. Eating right, work outs, toning, exercising with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart will be the best way to get fit.

Getting out of the house will give you a change of mood and peace of mind for the tired mind. The benefits multiply if you run, walk, bike, swim or lift weights. Taking it a step further starts to pull in the physical benefits including lowering risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses.

Presenting some ways to engraft life into your monotonous customaries:

Game on
Get sporty. Accumulate a group of like-minded pals and neighbors and organize a game of your common choice. If the above doesn’t work join a local league. Stepping outside and involving yourself in your favourite sport can be the best way to get fit in spring.

Group Training
It is fun to work out with people rather than doing it all alone because the companionship will help keep you motivated. So while you work out try to fit yourself in a group or do it with a trainer. A walking or a running club can be formed internally among your friends group. This will make exercises and workouts lighter and less stressful.

Outdoor activities
Try doing activities like surfing, rock climbing, trying the trapeze or something that you have been longing to do. Organizing a weekly activity of this type will give a fresh, new and stimulating vibe. Along with fun you will be learning a new skill that you have always wanted to.
Listed below are a bunch of activities that can be tried this spring. This is only a summary, you can come up with many more activity ideas that suits your personality:

Sand walking
Walking on sand is an effective exercise. Sand provides good resistance which makes walking more challenging and by getting outside into the fresh air will increase vitamin D levels.

Water workout
Swimming gives a full-body workout. It isn’t weight bearing, and provides great cardio and resistance exercise as a combined advantage.

Walking provides the advantages of fresh air and free workout. It is the best choice for maintaining and improving cardio and for strengthening the lower body. Once you practice well, you can start participating in marathons and competitive events and later on you can incorporate steeper hills and rockier inclines.

Biking is a great way to increase fitness gradually. It is the best way to tone up thighs and calves.

Yoga is a good way to hike up fitness routine. Join a local yoga program to sweat and burn the extra calories, to stretch and tone the body.

Daily routine tweaks
Cover walkable distances by foot. If you have to drive, try parking a little further each day to get some cardio. Walk up to your neighborhood grocery store and make weekly purchases. Opt for the stairs instead of the elevators.

Exercise Program
Group fitness classes are a cost-effective way to stay healthy and fit. They provide the benefits of both the buddy system and a personal trainer. A scheduled program brings in discipline to the work outs and make them less tiring and fun.