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Inspire Physio Care

Physio Team

Uthara Kosuri (Tara)

Tara is the Director and Principal Physiotherapist at Inspire Physio Care. Tara completed her Bachelors in Physiotherapy in India in 1999. Tara moved to Australia in 2003 where she undertook a Bachelors and Post Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy from University of Melbourne in 2004.  Tara focusses on sports, spinal, clinical pilates, shoulder injuries and headaches. She also has special interest in women’s health issues and men pre and post prostatectomy. Tara has worked in various public hospitals, community and private health settings in both India and Australia for the past 14 years. She has also worked in the specialised field of women’s health/continence in Gippsland for three years. Tara likes to keep her skills updated with regular professional development courses conducted by APA.

Tara likes “to educate her patients and motivate them to be part of their own care and treatment”

Prakash Rathnam (Roy)

Prakash Rathnam (Roy) has completed his bachelors in physiotherapy in 2006 in India. He is a fully qualified and  registered physiotherapist in Australia and worked for 7 years in Australia at  private practice setups around various regions around Melbourne . In 2011 he has completed his Masters in Exercise Physiology in Australia and has been practicing as Exercise Physiologist since. He joined Inspire Physio Care in 2011.

His focus is mainly in occupational health with particular reference to biomechanical and ergonomical solutions. Dry Needling techniques Level 1& 2 and correcting and managing postural scoliosis,musculoskeletal injuries, geriatric rehabilitation, falls prevention among elderly population are his special interests. Chronic disease management through strength training and conditioning are his additional expertise.

 Roy loves his job for the ability he has to make immediate differences in his patients health. He says “There is nothing better than putting a big smile back on the face of my clients and sound health is everyone’s right to name it and claim it”

Shuchi Gupta

Shuchi completed her Bachelors in physiotherapy and Masters in Sports from India in 2008. She has worked in public and private sectors in both India and Australia for 4 years.  Her main interests include musculoskeletal injuries,sports injuries, spinal pain, shoulder, knee and ankle. she has completed various professional development courses like dry needling, shoulder level 1 and 2. She is passionate about providing holistic care to patients of all ages.

She believes in “empowering her clients by working alongside them and guiding them to achieve their goals”. 

Ishita Sood (Ishi)

Ishita has completed her Bachelor in Physiotherapy and Master in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from India.  Before Inspire, she has worked as an aged care physiotherapist and joined Inspire Physio Care to help contribute to the society with the knowledge and skills she has learned through her education and experience. She has been working with Inspire Physio care for two years now.  Ishita specialises in Musculoskeletal injuries (bone, muscle, tendon issues)

Ishi uses her knowledge gained from attending various workshops to treat and formulate a customised rehabilitation program for individual clients. She takes privilege in treating hip and knee arthroplasty, lower back pain, ankle injuries, balance and proprioception issues. She also has interest in Women’s health and sports injuries. In her leisure time she likes to read and play table tennis. She also likes listening to music to lighten the mood and stay optimistic.

Ishi strongly believes compassion and maintaining a good relationship towards her clients is the key to their quick recovery and return to work. 

Prerna Sharma

Prerna has completed her Bachelors of physiotherapy from India in 2008. In 2009 she came to Australia to do her Masters in Clinical Exercise practice (ESSA-EP) which she completed in 2011. Since 2010 she has been working as a Physio in aged care with various ways to improve their well being ( be it one on one exercise sessions to group exercise classes or falls/balance clinic or a heart to heart talk with the older adults). Physiotherapist play a crucial role in relieving discomfort/the source of aggravation and she can help you with various treatment methods of hands on treatment, exercise programs, dry needling and most importantly to have a positive approach towards the unpleasant feeling.

Prerna believes in a “holistic approach of mind body and soul”.

Sandeep Kaur (Sandy)

Sandeep kaur graduated from Lovely University, India with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. She has 3 years of experience of working in private hospital under Orthopaedics department in India. She has almost 2 years experience working in private practice in Brisbane & Melbourne, Australia. She is also experienced working in Aged Care sectors.

Sandeep always had an interest in how many aspects of health it took to support physical recovery from injury. This led her to investigate much more holistic approach to Physiotherapy. She enhances her clinical knowledge with regular professional development courses conducted by APA.  She has done Dry Needling and Clinical Pilates mat work in the past years. She has keen interest in women’s health and musculoskeletal injuries.

She enjoys treating her clients and finds satisfaction “helping those people regain a meaningful and happy life”.

Jasmeet Kaur (Jas)

Jasmeet joined Inspire Physio Care on June 2016. After graduating in 2007, Jasmeet worked in a hospital setting for a couple of years and moved to Australia. Her keeness to further her knowledge and ongoing learning led her to completing the Diploma in Health Promotion and Master in Health and Human Services Management from Deakin University.

Jasmeet comes to Inspire Physio Care having worked in aged care and has always had the desire to work in a private practice setting with the focus on musculoskeletal physiotherapy. She has keen interest in treating patients with shoulder injury, neck and back pain. She is keen to further her clinical skills by seeking ongoing professional development and wants to pursue post grad in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and Women’s Health.

Each day Jasmeet strives to “help her patients achieve their health goals and to assist them on their journey to recovery by using evidence based strategies”.