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Medicalist Category Posts

Medicalist Category

Stretching after Workouts

Stretching and Flexibility Stretching is an important part of fitness; It can increase the range of motion, improve blood circulation, calm the mind, fend off injuries and aid in good sleep. Stretching gradually increases flexibility and regular stretching could stimulate adaptations of muscles and other tissues that bring about lasting increment in flexibility. Flexibility is …

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Spring beckons fitness

Spring brings about new beginnings; new leaves begin to appear on trees, tired old routines are replaced with happy outdoor activities, motivation is in the air to exercise and stay /get fit. The reason being a combination of the warmer weather which is conducive for exercises and the fact that people tend to put on …

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Care and prevention of Hamstring injuries

Hamstring injuries The origin of the word hamstring comes from the old English hamm, meaning thigh. String refers to the characteristic appearance and feel of the tendons just above the back of the knee. The hamstrings are the tendons that attach the large muscles at the back of the thigh to bone. The hamstring muscles …

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The caring hands you deserve for shoulder injuries

Shoulder Injuries The shoulder joint is an extremely flexible joint which allows us to move the arm in all directions. This wide range of joint movement however means the shoulder is very susceptible to injury. Many shoulder problems are caused by the breakdown of soft tissue through either repeated use or sudden over load. In …

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An elucidation on Postural Assessment

1. Introduction Posture is the position in which one holds the body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or lying down. Sitting or standing in the right position makes sure our bodies function properly. When a person slouches or slumps, it causes more pressure on the vertebrae, leading to poor circulation. This can cause vertebrae …

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