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Call Us Today! +61 3 9333 6846

Email! info@inspirephysiocare.com.au

Welcome to Inspire Physio Care

We at Inspire Physio Care are known for our passion, enthusiasm, integrity and skill based physio services.

We have a reputation for clinical excellence and exceptional experience while catering to clients of all ages with variety of musculoskeletal problems and neuro disabilities across our multiple locations. All of our clinics are managed by experienced accredited professionals who are passionate about providing the best physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to our clients. We aim to be personable and approachable, providing the kind of service that can put you at ease. We provide treatment for Private Patients, Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Injuries, Department of Veteran Affairs, Comcare and Medicare (EPC).

We currently support you in the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne, and we are growing…..

Why Choose Us

– We listen, diagnose and deliver the right care for you
– We are a team of highly qualified and accredited physiotherapists
– Conveniently located in many locations in North, West & East of Melbourne
– Personalised assessments & customised treatment plans
– Evidence based care
– We believe in Patient centric approach
– We are open to learn, adapt and stay in line with latest medical research
– We are passionate about what we do
– We offer supervised exercise rehabilitation in our on-site gym.

No referral required: You do not need a doctor’s referral for our services. You can be self-referred or be referred by family members, friends, funding organisations or other health professionals. If in doubt, pick up the phone and talk to us, we are more than happy to help you.

Tara "Asked for my goals in the Initial Appointment, reminded, reinforced and educated me, we worked towards it together"
Robert Cullum
Roy "Always on time, made me think Gym is fun, encourages to do exercises and puts that extra care"
Ljiljana Klasan
Shuchi "Advised a treatment plan way ahead, assisted me setting achievable goals and followed up regularly"
Chamley Jayasinghe
Prerna "Made me feel comfortable, thorough assessment and explanation on causes and prevention which assisted me in understanding my condition better"
Darren Olson
Ishi "Reassured throughout the treatment "i can do it" made me believe exercise is the best thing"
Aaron Barnes
Sandy "Reassurance and encouraged throughout the treatment that am doing great which motivated me to work towards my goals'
Christopher Peck
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Our Blog

Stretching after Workouts

Stretching and Flexibility Stretching is an important part of fitness; It can increase the range of motion, improve blood circulation, calm the mind, fend off injuries and aid in good sleep. Stretching gradually increases flexibility and regular stretching could stimulate adaptations of muscles and other tissues that bring about lasting...


Spring beckons fitness

Spring brings about new beginnings; new leaves begin to appear on trees, tired old routines are replaced with happy outdoor activities, motivation is in the air to exercise and stay /get fit. The reason being a combination of the warmer weather which is conducive for exercises and the fact that...


Physiotherapy for AFL injuries

Introduction Australian football (AFL) is one of the most popular sports having the highest participation rate in Australia. Over the last four decades the sport has changed in many ways; the speed has doubled, the average number of collisions has doubled. Injuries occurred during both competition (78% of AFL injuries)...